Terry's Store 2.1 (3.4.11)

As you may (or may not) know, I've been unemployed since May 2010; the animal shelter that I worked for could no longer afford to pay us - not enough money was coming in.  I went on unemployment compensation at that point, so I could pay my bills, as my mortgage company wasn't going to wait until whenever the money came in.  I started selling some of my books and RPGs and such to supplement my income, as the UC wasn't enough to cover my mortgage and all my utilities. 

After putting in many applications (you lose count after the first hundred) and feeling all dejected, I thought I'd try doing some freelance/1099 work and selling stuff to pay my own way.  It's not as easy as it sounded, and I am back on unemployment (it's a pride thing, plus I thought I might be able to do it on my own and I would much rather do that than collect UC.)

Regardless, I am still selling stuff online, mostly through Ebay and Amazon.  I encourage you to check out those listings (though, in all honesty, if you see an item on Amazon and want to deal directly, I'll give you a lower price - the Amazon marketplace takes some pretty steep cuts out of each sale, especially on lower priced items.  If you want to make an offer on an Ebay auction, as long as it doesn't have any bids, I'm open to it.) 

I will likely have some listings set up here, books and comics most likely, but until I get ahead of my bills, I don't know when that's going to happen.  Comic-wise I have about 25+ long boxes of Marvel, DC and independents (the majority being 80s and 90s, a little 2000s thrown in and very ltitle in the late 70s) - if you have a wish list, let me know and I'll hunt specifically for those titles or issues. 

Update - 3.4.11 - Just listed a buttload of roleplaying games on Amazon (again, if you don't mind dealing outside of Amazon, I'll accept a lower cost and you'll only pay the exact shipping plus reasonable handing - many times saving you money from the $3.99 per item rate they charge).  Been listing some comic book (and misc other stuff) lots on eBay when they have list-any-price-for-free deals.  Thinking of listing a bunch of stuff at $0.99 in the near future. 

If you have any questions, contact me at terryfl (at) that gmail place.